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*Santa's Coming in a Whirlybird.




Performed by Gene Autry and Pat Boone.

1) The word is out and I been told,
It came by wire from the great north pole.
So every boy and girlie heard 
Santa has a new whirlybird. [chorus]


Santa Claus is coming in a whirlybird,
Christmas Eve in a whirlybird!
So if you are good and you don't goof,
Santa's going to land on your roof.
Whirlybird! Whirlybird! Whirlybird! Whirlybird!
Santa's coming in a whirlybird.


2) He turned his reindeer out to graze,
Donner and Blitzen were amazed!
Rudolf said with a happy shout,
"Let's go with Santa and help him out." [chorus]


3) I know that this may sound absurd,
Santa's bringing toys in a whirlybird.
But he's been checking with the U.S. Mail,
With a helicopter he can't fail. [chorus].


4) He has frightful Mike and Mo,
A talking doll full of jays and dough,
Lot's of toys for every child,
If you promise not to drive Mama's Daddy wild.


Gene Autry Corner.



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