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*Star of the East.




1) Star of the East
Oh bright Morning Star
Guiding us on
to heaven afar
Sorrow and grief
Are lulled by Thy Light
Thou hop of each mortal
In death's lonely night.
Fearless and tranquil, we look up to thee
Knowing Thou beamst through eternity
Help us to follow where thou still dost guide
Pilgrims of earth so wide. [chorus]
Star of the East
Thou hope of the soul
While round us here
The dark billows roll.
Lead us from sin to Glory afar
Thou Star of the East
Thou sweet Bethlehem's Star.
O star that leads to God above
Whose rays are Peace, Joy, and Love.
Watch o'er us still till life has ceased
Beam on, Bright Star.
Sweet Bethlehem's Star.
2) Star of the East,
Undimmed by each cloud.
What tho the storms
Of grief gather loud
Faithful and pure,
Thy rays beam to save.
Still bright o'er the cradle
And bright o'er the grave.
Smiles of a Savior are mirrored in thee.
Glimpses of heaven in Thy light we see.
Guide us still onward to Thy blessed shore
After earth's toil is o'er. [chorus]


CYBERVANIA--Carol Towne Bridge.


2009 & Beyond.