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Lincoln & Bush by Comparison.

Tribute to George W. Bush -- the 43rd U.S. President.
Notable Supporters of George W. Bush During His Administration.


The best American President is Abe Lincoln, as he served when America was torn apart by slavery and secession, and he brought about the restoration of the Union with the help of Ulysses .S. Grant and Bill Sherman, of course. During the Civil War, in the Eastern Campaign, General McClellan and General Meade were only "policing" General Lee and The Confederate Army, and simply keeping them off of Union Turf. At the same time, in the Western Campaign, General Grant wasn't just keeping the Confederate Armies off union turf. Grant and his Army were like one big lawn mower as they mowed the confederate army down, from Shiloh , all the way down to Vicksburg. The capture of Vicksburg sealed The Unions victory over the entire Western Campaign. Lincoln saw what his Generals were doing in the East and what Grant accomplished in the west, and he knew what needed to be done to end the war, and restore the union, and make our Country whole again. That is what Lincoln did, as he put Grant in charge of the Eastern Campaign. After the Union Victory at Gettysburg, Grant took over, and The Confederacy began to deteriorate. Our Country was reunited! 
      In a way The Lincoln Administration and The Bush Administration have something in common. Both Presidents made it their goal to do what was in the best interest of America and Democracy, even if their decisions might have made them unpopular. During the time Lincoln was alive and serving as our President, he was viewed by many the way people view Bush today.  When history moved forward several years, Americans and History in general were able to take a step back and get "The Big Picture," and see that  the restoration of the Union was vitally important for America, and that Lincoln's controversial actions and decisions were intrumental in reuniting America.  I hope America and History will some day take a step back and get the Big Picture with GW Bush too, along with this enemy that America has been dealing with the last few years. George W.  Bush has been working and trying to rid the world of this major world threat, and promote Freedom and Democracy throughout the world--Freedom and Democracy that we as Americans have enjoyed for so long .
--Bill Baxter, DTM.
February 9, 2009.


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