Tribute to Johnny Appleseed.

A Man of Deeds.

John Chapman was Johnny Appleseed's real name. He became famous for his many good deeds--planting and growing apple orchards for pioneers and settlers, as they began to move west in the Early 1800's. This fact is true, but a lot of the stories and poems written about him were basically tall tales. But these tall tales, in combination with the many deeds of Johnny Appleseed, made him one of the Greatest American Folklore Legends of all time.



This is a chorus from Walt Disney's Version of "Johnny Appleseed," which was one of the segments from Disney's 10th Animated Classic--"Melodytime."


Oh, the Lord is good to me

and so I thank the Lord

For giving me the things I need

The sun, and the rain and the apple tree.

The Lord is good to me.


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