Folklore Tribute to Paul Bunyan.

Folklore Tribute to Disney's Paul Bunyan.

Walt Disney paid Tribute to the Legendary Giant Lumberjack by creating a Mini Animated Classic in 1958.



Occupation: Lumberjack.

Next of Kin: Babe, the Blue Ox.

Friends: Cal McNab, Chris Crosshaul, Shot Gunderson, Pecos Bill, John Henry, and Daniel Hackett.

Foes: J.P. Styles, Joe Muffaw, and Loggers using lumber machines.

Height: Sixty Three Ax Handles.

Favorite Past Times: Eating Flap Jacks, and Rough Housing with Babe, the Blue Ox.

* * * *

Incredible Feats:

1) Cleared out North and South Dakota.

2) Dug out The Missouri River.

3) Built Pike's Peak as a lookout tower.

4) Paul's and Babe's giant foot prints filled up with water, making Minnesota The State with 10,000 Lakes.

5) Paul's and Babe's rough-housing resulted in the formation of The Grand Titan Mountains.

6)By creating an "Outdoor shower," Paul Bunyan created Yellowstone Falls.


Paul Bunyan Chorus:

North America was a great big land

With a great, big job to be done

A job that needed a great, big man

Paul Bunyan was the one.


Hey Paul!

Paul Bunyan! (Paul Bunyan!).

He's sixty three ax handles high,

With his feet on the ground,

and head in the sky.

Hey Paul!

Paul Bunyan! (Paul Bunyan!).


* * * * *

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