Swamp Fox Tribute.

The Swamp Fox.

This page is named after General Francis Marion of the Continental Army back during The Revlutionary War. He was known in History as "The Swamp Fox." This was because he and his men hid out in the Swamps of South Carolina, where he used the "Element of surprise" to defeat his foes. Walt Disney released a TV Mini Series about Marion back in the Late 1950's {starring Leslie Nielson), which helped to make "The Swamp Fox" an American Folklore Legend as well as a Military Hero.



Swamp Fox Theme Song:

1) We got lead and we got powder
We don't fight with an empty gun
Only makes us shout the louder
We are men of Marion. (chorus)



Swamp Fox! Swamp Fox!

Tail on his hat,

Nobody knows where The Swamp Fox's at.

Swamp Fox! Swamp Fox!

Hiding in the glen,

He runs away to fight again.

* * * *

2) Got no blankets, got no beds
got no roof above our heads
Got no shelter when it rains
All we got is Yankee Brains. (chorus).


3) Got no cornpone, got no honey
All we got is Continental Money
Won't buy bacon, hominy or grits
Rodent ears and possum is all we get! (chorus).


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