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Thank you for visiting The Kate Shelley Library Page. The graphics and backgrouns used in this website are not mine. The Internet sources for all of the Railroad graphics and Clip Art are listed below. The Railroad Backgrounds were provided by "Railroad Graphics and Logos." The Lantern Girl Graphic is from "" Please come back and visit again!

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Rudolph Daniel's Page on Kate Shelley.
Kate Shelley, Railroader--By Doug Nebbe
Ballad of Kate Shelley--By MacKinlay Kantor.
Kate Shelley Railroad Museum and Park Web Page.
Photo of Kate Shelley Bridge (Farwell T. Brown).


Visit Official Website of the Boone County Historical Society:

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Lantern Girl Graphic (
Railroad Graphics and Logos.
Thundrune's Storm Animations.
Clip Art Collection (Railroad Graphics).


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Other Pages on Kate Shelley.