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About the Sing-Song Event.


The Sing-Song Events is a tradition that started sometime in the Early 1990's. These Sing-Songs take place from 11pm to 1am every night during the Annual Conventions. The Sing-Song Event is usually not posted on the actual Convention Schedule, but it has become a very popular event during the Annual Conventions, and for some Toastmasters Members, it is the #1 reason for attending the Convention during the Summer Month of August.

* * * *
The Master of Ceremonies for the Sing-Song is Past International President, Ted Corcoran, DTM. The Sing-Song Event started out as an event for Oversea's Toastmasters Members (Great Britain, Europe, Australia, etc.), but in 1998, during the Annual Convention in West Palm Desert, a few people from Founder's District got involved, and since then, members from all parts of the globe have participated in this event.

* * * *

In the past, Convention Sing-Song started off with everyone singing the Australian Song, Waltzing Matilda. Then individuals get up and perform their favorite folk songs, while others joined in if they could. A lot of the songs performed at these Sing-Songs are acapella solos. Sometimes a small group of people get up to lead or perform a song. Every now and then, someone gets up to give a short Humorous Speech. The one tradition that will never die out with these Convention Sing-Songs, comes at the end of the event. Everyone gets up and joins hands, and then everyone at the Sing-Song sings the popular Irish Ballad, Oh Danny Boy.

* * * *

So, if anyone is planning on attending the next Annual Convention, I would encourage you to come to the Sing-Song Events every night during the convention at 11pm. Yes, it is late, but once you attend one of these Sing-Songs, you will agree, that it is worth staying up for.

* * *

Bill Baxter, DTM


World of Toastmasters--21 Yreas.