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Our Master of Ceremonies.



Ted Corcoran and a few Toastmasters Members from over Seas started The Sing-Song Event at the Annual Conventions back in the 1992. The Sing-Song started out as an event for Overseas Toastmasters. Then at the West Palm Desert Convention in 1998, Me and a fellow Toastmaster Member from the Founder's District (Gerald Fleischman) asked Ted if we could participate. After that the Sing Song Event became open for Toastmasters and Guests all over the globe to participate, with Ted Corcoran as our Distinguished Leader and Master of Ceremonies.

Ted Corcoran is a three time Area Champion in the Humorous Speech Contest in District 71 (Ireland). His humor has often added spark to the Sing-Song Events. District 71 was a President's Distinguished the year Ted was the District Governor. He served as an International Director for a couple of years, and was elected as an International Officer at the Miami Convention in 1999-2000. In Atlanta, Ted was elected to the Office of 2003-04 International President.

Over the years, The Late Night Sing-Songs have been very successful, and have been one of the biggest highlights of the Toastmasters Annual Conventions. Ted's humor, and leadership experience as a District and International Officer in Toastmasters, has been a major contributing factor to the success of The Late Night Sing Songs at the Toastmasters Conventions during the past several years.




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