TS stands for "Tourette Syndrome." It is a genetic disorder of the Central Nervous System, charactorized by unstable chemistry in the back of the brain. I know, because I have had TS my whole life.

Symptoms and Side Effects of TS include: 1) "TICS," which are highly abnormal motor and vocal behavior; 2) "ADD" which stands for "Attention Deficit Disorder." ADD is the medical term given to those who are hyperactive, and people with TS are extremely hyper. 3) "OCB," stands for "Obsessive Compulsive Behavior." People with TS have what are called "Obssesive Rituals." An example of an obsessive ritual is where an individual will wash his hands four or five times before he is convinced they are clean and sanitary.

TS is a learning disability, because the Attention Span is weakened, and Reading Comprehension is very limited. Sometimes Dislexia can be a problem. It is also an Occupational Disability because "Focus" is extremely affected, which can grossly impair one's work speed. Teenagers with TS often take it on the chin for being different, to the point the teen with TS begins to shy away from people more and more for fear of being made fun of, and at a time when Social Development is the most crucial. So Social Development is also impaired by TS, in most cases.

TS is one of the most misunderstood genetic illnesses which exists in our Society today. Even though TS has come into the public limelight more and more in recent years, Society for the most part, is still very ignorant towards Tourette Syndrome. One of of Society's Myths is: "People with Tourette Syndrome cannot live productive lives." This Mini Website is about what Tourette Syndrome is, and the Webmaster's () rise above this myth. By viewing this section in The World of Bill Baxter, DTM; I think you will see that this myth is false.


Bill Baxter, DTM.

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