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Major Milestones.

Tribute to George W. Bush -- the 43rd U.S. President.
Notable Supporters of George W. Bush During His Administration.



~~ Managing General Manager for the Texas
Rangers Baseball Team until 1994.

~~ Governor of Texas- 1994-2000.

~~ Elected 43rd President of The United States in 2000 Election.


~~Intrumental in liberating the world of
terrorism, particularly The Al Qaida.

~~Has been instrumental in liberating Iraq
from an evil dictator and his regime,
and bringing a democracy to the country.

~~George W. Bush is a leader who puts the best
interests of America and the rest of
the world before politics, and what others
might say, or think about him. He
is a true world leader.

~~Elected to Second Term on November 3rd, 2004.


Red Letter Days--First Term:

  • JAN 20, 2001: Newly elected President, George W. Bush gave his Inaugural Address.
  • APR. 27, 2001: The Bob Bullock Texas History Museum is dedcated in Austin, Texas. President Bush gave a Dedication Speech.
  • MAY 30, 2001: Preident George W. Bush announced his "National Park Legacy Project" which would include the Restoration of The Everglades in Florida, the Prohibition of oil drilling and mining in the National Parks, protecting National Parllands from the disasterous effects of forest fires, reductuion of haze and smog in our National Parks, etc. Bush's Announcement was given at the Giant Forest Museum in Sequoia Park, California.
  • SEPT 11, 2001: Islama Facist Terrorists attack The World Trade Center Towers in New York, and The Pentagon in Washington DC. United Airlines Flight 93 was hijacked by terrorists and targeted another U.S.Landmark, but was thwarted by brave American Passengers cuasing the plane to crash in a field in Pennsylvania. Later, troops were sent to Afghanistan nd the "War on Terror began, as well as the manhunt for Osama Bin Laden. Shortly after the 9-11 Attacks, President Bush put a freeze on all the Terrorists Assets.
  • OCT. 26, 2001: President Bush signed the "USA Patriot Act of 2001" into law.
  • JAN. 8th, 2002: The Education Bill, "No Child Left Behind" Bill was signed by President Bush.
  • DEC. 17, 2002:  President Bushed signed "The E-Government Act."
  • MAR. 20, 2003: This day marked the beginning of "Operation Traqi Freedom,"  a war which took  Sasdam Hussein and his Regime out of power, and establish a Democracy in Iraq.
  • MAY 27, 2003: President Bush invited 2002 The World Champion Anaheim Angels to the White House, and congradulates them. The President also gave a special tribute to Gene And Jackie Autry, the original owners of the team.
  • NOV. 18, 2003:  President Bush signed the Animal Drug User Fee Act of 2003 into law.
  • MAR 31, 2004: Paul Molitor, Dennis Eckersley, Eddie Murray, Gary Carter and Ozzie Smith were all invited to The White House and honored by Preisdent Bush. These players were all inducted to Baseball's Hall of Fame within the last couple of years prior to this date.
  • APR. 1, 2004: The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 is signed into law by Preisdent Bush. 
  • MAY 24, 2004: The World War II Memorial which is located near The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC was dedicated by President Bush.
  • NOV. 2, 2004: George W. Bush was elected for a second term over Democratic Candidate, John Kerry.

Second Term:

  • JAN 20, 2005: George W. Bush is sworn in for his second term as U.S. President.
  • Feb. 2, 2005: State of the Union Address for 2005.
  • APR. 13, 2005: Super Bowl Champions, The New England Patriots were guests at The White House.
  • JAN. 31, 2006: Preisident Bush gave his 2006 State of the Union Speech.
  • AUG. 24, 2006: This day became the "National Day fo Remembrance of Hurricane Katrina, 2006; one year after the hurricane destroyed a lot of New Orleans, Louisiana in the Summer of 2005.
  • OCT. 13, 2006: The SAFE Port Act was signed into Law by George W. Bush.
  • JAN 11, 2007: Corporal Jason Dunham received the Congressional Medal of Honor, posthumously,  from George W. Bush. Dunham jumped on a granade, saving the lives of two of his fellow Marines during an ambush.
  • JAN 23, 2007: President Bush gave his 2007 State of the Union Speech.
  • Oct. 22, 2007: The Family of Navy Seal Lt. Michael P Murphy received the Congressional Medal of Honor from President Bush. Murphy gave his life in order to save his men who were trapped new the side of a cliff in Afghanistan. Murphy was killed by terrorists as he was making a radio call for help for his men.  Lt. Murphy's Family was the first to receive the Medal of Honor during the War on Terror in Afghanistan.
  • DEC. 26, 2007: The H.R. 2764 Bill was signed into law by President Bush.
  • JAN. 28, 2008: Presid Bush gave his last State of the Union Speech was was one of his best.

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